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Thanks to roundabritt for the heads up.

Julie in Pittsburg: Kristin, I can't believe that you didn't mention the fate of our dear Penny in your Lost Redux! Ben was bloody and at the marina and that could only mean that he was there looking for her and to make good on his promise to her dad. I'm dying to know if she's OK! When will we know? Thanks!
Sorry Julie, Sonya Walger would not comment on whether Ben got to her in the last episode, but says "anything is possible" regarding Penny showing up on the Island. When I asked her whether she was related to anyone we already know, like Charlotte or Daniel, she coyly replied: "She could be." Hit the comments with your guesses!

Craig in Orlando, Fla.: I just saw Walt from Lost on some commercial for chicken wings or something! Give us some scoop on past Losties! I want to see Charlie, Shannon, Libby, Boone, Ana-Lucia, Eko, Nikki and Paulo!
Charlie is a definite possibility. (And you Shannon fans really just need to go see Taken—Maggie Grace and Liam Neeson are great together.) We just caught up with Dominic Monaghan and he told us, "I never close doors...I loved working on Lost because it felt like a big film, it was such an event...I would like to [come back]! If it was up to me I'd be back every so often, but that's more of a writer's question." Meanwhile, you can catch Dom in this summer's Wolverine flick, out May 1. According to Dom, "My character's story begins the angry motivational moves for Wolverine. I'm a guy who was friends with Logan in his earlier Army days, and something goes down in an Army sortie, and because of that, Logan gets brought back into a combat scenario." Can't wait! (P.S. Got Q's for Lost stars Fionnula Flanagan or Malcolm David Kelley? Email us at tvdiva@eonline.com, and we'll try to get you answers!)

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