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Thanks to my various sources who have given me some little snippets for Episode 5.13 and Episode 5.14 that I've pulled together into a single post.

Episode 5.13 - Some Like It Hoth
- Leading up to 5.13 Faraday has gone "missing" after exploring the Orchid amongst other things
- In 5.13 he reappears and is seen by Miles
- It's a pretty big reveal, as Daniel's whereabouts and activities have been missing for a while
- We some some some experimental stuff being taken from the Sub
- We see Radzinky and some Dharma Scientists in black uniforms along with Pierre Chang
- Daniel has been busy with something and is the setup for something big to happen

Episode 5.14 - The Variable
- This episode (still in draft production) is a direct follow up from The Constant
- It continues with Desmond's and Daniels adventures
- We get more info on why Daniels notebook statement "Desmond is my Constant"
- This episode starts filming in about 10 days
- The early planning of this episode may explain why Desmond left the army

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