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Below is an interesting article about Costume designer Roland Sanchez who is responsible for the wardrobe for the cast and making sure that all of the costumes fit the various locales and eras.

The article reveals couple of spoilers and is a great read as well.

Thanks to Hoku for the heads up.

Here are the spoilers with some pics and the article:

1) On the day of our interview, tailor Mike Tereschuk was just completing 25 graduation gowns for Faraday's doctoral graduation from Oxford University in England. Sanchez's research had shown that the gowns for a Ph.D. graduating from Oxford are entirely different from those in U.S. universities. They also differ from the robes for Oxford graduates in the B.A. and M.A. programs.

There are legal considerations as well. The show couldn't copy the Oxford robes exactly, so "Lost" used the colors — red and blue — but changed the color blocking.

2) "Today, we went back to a character I never thought we'd see again. They cast another actress in the role, but luckily she fits the costumes."

Designing costumes for the hit ABC show "Lost" is unlike any other job in television.

The characters die — but may return in flashbacks.

Many live on a mysterious, disappearing island — in tank tops and jeans that have to be aged convincingly.

Time travel is de rigueur, so the episode may require an '80s monk's robe on Monday, '50s hoopskirted shirtwaist on Tuesday, formal '90s Mainland business attire on Wednesday, Bedouin robes on Thursday. ... Well, you get the picture. Island locations may be called upon to stand in for any place in the world: Australia, England, Los Angeles, Tunisia, Korea.

And costumes are critical to the success of the show.

Costume designer Roland Sanchez describes the outfitting as a collaborative effort between the costume department and the actors.

"I am the first person (the actors) see when they get off the plane," Sanchez said.

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

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