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Thanks to DarkUFO reader Sarah for the following report and photos.

Attached are photos and my own report of the filming that took place on 3/10/-probably same as gamblingman (from iPhone, so fuzzy).

Vacationing in Oahu this week-went up to North Shore and saw blocking of a Locke/Alpert scene on beach camp set across from Dillingham airfield. I'm not usually very observant of the recent sets- looked like new beach camp with several racks of drying fish and a few circular burlap tents. Terry O'Quinn rehearsed a scene carrying what looked like a wild boar prop over his shoulders, still in his funeral shirt and pants. Saw trailers of "Ben and Locke," "Sun," and "Miles." My husband spied a blue Dharma van just past the trailers, got some great photos, made my day. Maybe shooting the finale?

Source: Sarah

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