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Hey All,
Our good friend Ryan from The Transmission Podcast has informed us that their new podcast is now available and you can listen to the latest filming updates and tidbits.

Here is a summary with audio:

1) Last Wednesday, they were at Papailoa, a.k.a. Police Beach, with a huge contingent of extras. Matt and Roxy were able to observe from a distance, and both said essentially the same thing: lots of guns.

2) On Friday the 13th, they were filming at the U.S.S. Bowfin submarine museum at Pearl Harbor. The Bowfin previously served as the interior of the Others' submarine, the Galaga. Once again Roxy responded to the call, and spent some time watching the action. On the set were Josh Holloway, Jeremy Davies, Evangeline Lilly and Elizabeth Mitchell. There was also a young girl -- young Charlotte. The key scene was a fight sequence that leaves Sawyer pretty badly bloodied and battered.

3) This week and last, several days of filming at Heeia Kea in Kaneohe. Largely shielded from view, the area has been used for a variety of jungle scenes. Could it be The Swan under construction? Or a return to The Temple. Source said there was a large contingent of extras summoned to play Others.

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