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**Summary Corrected** Made a minor correction about the Locke tidbit

Hey All,
This week since we had a break we decided to have a bonus podcast that covers our thoughts and theories for the first half of the season and our good friend DarkUFO joined us to not only provide us with his thoughts on Season 5 so far, but also to talk about spoilers for the second half of the season!!

Since Dark provided us with some new spoilers I decided to release the spoilers portion of the podcast first. We preview Episodes 5x09 Namaste and Episode 5x10 He's Our You, talk about some of the recent spoilers including the season finale casting calls, we breakdown the most recent death poll, and Dark revealed several new little tidbits throughout the podcast.

Here is a little summary of newer tidbits for the rest of Season 5 and some of the details might be quite revealing as we discuss previous "Are You Sure" spoilers, so to be safe I am posting them behind a button:

NOTE: This is a very brief summary and there is quite a bit more in the podcast such as our thoughts so please have a listen. Like I said above we did record a Season 5 Thoughts and Theories podcast with Dark that we will post before Episode 5x09 airs and he did answer several of your questions.

The spoilers podcast was posted on iTunes last night, but for those of you that missed it there or can not access it, here is a link to the audio player and a download link.

Hope you all enjoy!!


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