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Here are a couple of snippets from The Variable from my source "fool-in-a-pool".

NOTE: I'm getting sent a pretty detailed synopsis of this episode that we hope to post next week. This is to give you all a bit of warning to be careful about going to unmoderated boards/forums once this has been posted as there are always idiots who shotgun spoil people. As always it will be behind an "are you sure" button.

Anyhoo, onto the snippets I can post now.

- Whilst Daniel is on the Sub, something starts to happen to him
- Daniel tells Chang that he is from the future
- Widmore tells Daniel he will soon have the chance to research the properties of a special place
- We will see a younger Penny
- We will see Charlotte
- Theres supposed to be two scenes with Kate and Jack at the end talking about defecting to the others

My souce had this to say about the episode "its a flashes before your eyes/meet kevin johnson thing with one long flashsomethign going on"

Source: fool-in-a-pool@DarkUFO

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