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Hey All,
If you listened to this week's ODI LOST Podcast, then you know that we split it up into two parts and the second part was the preview for Episode 5x14 The Variable with spoilers for the rest of season 5.

Both DarkUFO and Vozzek69 were a part of the recap and stayed on to chat about this week's episode and provide their thoughts and theories about Faraday's centric episode. We also chat about several other spoilers, including the potential deaths in Season 5, the rumored "secret" Walt/Jack scene, whether LOSTFAN108 will return and much much more!!

If you did not get a chance to listen to the first part (Episode 5x13 Recap), then you can find it on iTunes along with this part.

If you can not access iTunes, below is a link to the audio player with a download link for the spoilers podcast.

This is one of those rare opportunities to actually hear Dark's thoughts on spoilers and we had a great time! So I hope you all enjoy!!


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