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Update: 19:30 LOL My bad. Teach me to go to bed at 5:00am. The correct video podcast is now online :)

Thanks to Hugues Derolez for the summary

* Desmond will be affected by his wound. His life may be in danger.
* Sun & Lapidus didn't shacked up in Dharmaville :D
* We are not sure of the true nature of the new John Locke but Ben is probably really shaken up by seeing him alive. There's more to come about the "resurrection".
* They said they were pretty proud of "Some like it Hoth" because it gives a sense of comedy to Lost.
* After that be prepared for a rollercoaster of major events!
- Also they re-explain time travel laws on Lost and answer a bunch of questions like "what would you doing if you were Sawyer?".

Evangeline Lilly talks about why Kate returned to the island. Some Like It Hoth

Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse prehash Some Like It Hoth

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