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Update: 22nd May Thanks to Linton for these 2 videos of the event in our player which should load a lot better than their player.

Thanks to Craig for these photos from the event.

Thanks to Hugo for the heads up. I've not listened to it yet so I'm not sure if there are actually any real spoilers.

NOTE: Be patient as the video seems to take a while to load.

Thanks to The ODI for these early snippets. Hopefully more to come.

1) Lindelof confirmed that they approached Cynthia Watros several times to resolve Libby's story and she said no
2) They had a FOUR season story arc for Eko and AAA said he did not want to live in Hawaii...

In this episode, our panel delves into the origins of Lost, the unresolved stories of Libby & Mr. Eko, the Lost alternate reality games, the future of Lost in syndication and DVD, the unexplained mysteries of the island and the upcoming final season. Additionally, Lindelof explains the significance of the cursed numbers for the first time in public!

Please note that this is only the second half of our 17th episode. The first part of this episode will be released in its normal production order in just a few weeks!

Source: Comic on Comics

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