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Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse prehash Follow The Leader (5/6/09) & ponder the death of Daniel Faraday.

Thanks to Salaam for the summary.

- is seems that it is possible that the future cant be changed, but it is the fundamental question heading into the end of the season
- in the original script faraday was meant to show jack and kate how a small ripple in a creek/pond would not change much but a big ripple would, he was going to demonstrate with rocks, but there was not enough time to show it on the show
- Faraday is definatly dead and its very sad :-(
- they hint that Jack may undertake faradays mission in follow the leader
- ben will not find it easy following john locke
- damon might have swine flu.. hahaha
- vincent probably was not harmed during the time shifts because he is jacob.. ha
- jacob might speak korean
- we will hear the name Hanso again, a number of blanks to do with Hanso will be filled in
- we will see the a onk again before the end of the season, and they said no comment regarding the statue
- damon wants to be a dharma philosopher
- carlton a dharma water sports instructor

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