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Viewers of ABC's "Lost" saw the body of a dead John Locke in the show's Season 5 finale Wednesday night. However, a very alive Terry O'Quinn, who plays Locke, was in Spartanburg on Thursday to play in the BMW Charity Pro-Am at Carolina Country Club.

Between holes, O'Quinn was happy to talk to fans about golf, the finale and the fate of his character in the show's final season, beginning in 2010.

O'Quinn called himself an OK golfer, saying he would be happy with an 85 or under.

"I played well on the front. A little bit rough on the back," he said as his group neared hole 17.

O'Quinn said he hasn't seen the finale and didn't know how the story was edited.

"Don't tell me," he joked. "I want to be surprised."

In the season cliffhanger, a bomb, which could prevent Flight 815 from ever crashing on the mysterious island, was detonated.

As for his character, O'Quinn says he's really gone. Locke's dead body was rolled out of a metal box toward the end of the two-hour episode, baffling islanders who had been following a Locke imposter. Exactly who is now occupying Locke's body wasn't revealed. O'Quinn said it would be "a good guess" to assume it's a man seen with the infamous Jacob in the beginning of the episode.

"I think, unfortunately, I think it's ended for Locke. But I'm still there, as far as I know," O'Quinn said. "I don't know how it's going to end for this other guy. I'm sad. I miss John Locke, poor guy. He was a pawn."

O'Quinn is gearing up to play a new character when the sixth season begins next year. As for the rest of the story line, he swears he has no idea.

"Your guess is honestly as good as mine is," he said. "There's going to be some confrontation that will somehow, I'm guessing, have to do with Jack or Locke or something like that. I think these guys are just setting up good and evil. It's the way Locke said in the very beginning of the show: One is light and one is dark. Two sides. I think that's what we've got."

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