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Here are the latest details about Juliet's return, the potential alternate timeline clips, and the potential return of badass Sawyer.

Simon in Boston: Since Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse said Juliet was going to be on Lost this season, do you know when she'll return?
"Pretty immediately, and then I'm not sure after that," Elizabeth Mitchell tells us exclusively. "I think it will be satisfactory." Stay tuned for more from Elizabeth in the coming days.

Marina in Pittsburgh: What's up with this alternative time line stuff that was revealed at Lost's Comic-Con event? Hurley became the CEO of Mr. Cluck's? Kate killed someone else? Oceanic Airlines has never had a crash? Excuse my French, but WTF?
Damon Lindelof asks Lost fans to trust in the writers. We're willing to do that (for now), but we agree the alt time line stuff is superstrange. Our best guess is that instead of resetting the clock to before Oceanic 815, Jack's plan actually changed the course of history at a much earlier point—perhaps beginning in 1977, when we last saw our heroes?

Marie in San Antonio, Calif.: Lost!
We asked Josh Holloway about Sawyer's state of mind following the events of the Lost finale, and he said: "I think he's pretty destroyed. All of that growth got ripped away. I think he's gonna be a bit salty again, which I'm looking forward to. All I know is that he's destroyed and has given up on life again and on having any positive lessons. So watch out!" (We love mature Sawyer, but bitchy Sawyer is damn fun too.)

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