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Everyone wants to know how the final season of Lost will wrap up. What can we expect? Executive producer Carlton Cuse says, "The time travel season is over. The flash-forward season is over. We have something different planned." Here are a few clues to what's coming:

Executive producer Damon Lindelof says the final season will address the origin of the food drop from Season 2.

A fake episode of America's Most Wanted was screened for Comi-Con fans showing host John Walsh narrating the true crime story of Kate Austen. Kate, it was revealed, didn't kill her step-father, plumbing company owner Wayne Jannsen, as viewers believed. In his narration, Walsh said, "Fate would intervene on this tragic evening. Having made an earlier date with his wife, Janssen instead sent his apprentice, Ryan Milner, to lock up in his place. As Austen had devised, the building went up in a violent ball of flames. But it was Ryan who would perish inside instead of her intended target. Austen was detained for the murder of Ryan Milner before violently escaping the custody of the U.S. Marshall. She's on the run to this day. Federal authorities consider her armed and very dangerous."

Jorge Garcia believes that bringing Dominic Monaghan out on stage during the Comi-Con panel pretty much confirmed his involvement in Season 6.

Former cast member Adawale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko) was also at Comi-Con promoting his film, "G. I. Joe" and, according to a source, had hoped to hang out backstage with his former co-stars. But that did not happen. Still, Jorge sensed that Adawale got the strongest applause during an In Memorium reel that played, saluting all the slain characters. "He got an incredible cheer," says Jorge. "He definitely stood out."

A promo image for the new season revealed all the show's characters (both dead and alive) lined up in a long row. John Locke is in the center, with his back turned toward us, looking over his shoulder. Josh Holloway told me his thoughts on the placement: "I guess Locke's become Satan. I've really enjoyed his sudden change into becoming the evil guy."

Josh was most excited to hear the news that Elizabeth Mitchell would be back in some way.
"Juliet coming back is exciting," he says. But if Juliet returns only as a corpse, Josh says it would have a horrible effect on Sawyer. "It would destroy him. It would bring him right back to where he started. I love that idea of ripping off all his growth and getting back to Sawyer, the salty dog. But I imagine then he'll have to get back to wanting to live again."

Elizabeth Mitchell has been under a gag order not to speak ever since Lost's season
finale aired in May. But she finally broke her silence with me. "What happened at the very end of the season is they told me that the character of Juliet had reached a natural conclusion," says Liz. "It was very sudden, but I said 'Okay,' thinking that was the end of it. People knew I was available and I got a bunch of scripts. I fell in love with V and said I would do it. It was really crazy because I wasn't planning on jumping back into another series. And then Lost's La Fleur episode
aired and the fan response was really good, so then Lost called again, and that's what I can't talk about. It's possible Juliet's just dead, but I think it's going to be a little bit more than that. I hope that when she comes back she can give Sawyer a really good reason for going on. What I really want is to have a big old fight with Ben, but that will probably never happen. But we will definitely see her again. They haven't really told me how many episodes I'll be doing but ABC said they'd work it out. They did when I was shooting the V pilot. I literally did four days of V, four days of Lost, four days of Vi."

Michael Emerson has spent his hiatus wondering if the character seen sitting next to Jacob on the beach in the season finale will be related to Esau, a character from the Old Testament. "Jacob is like a character of light and goodness and Esau was more earth-bound, more a creature of
the dirt and darkness," Emerson explained to me. "There's biblical themes in our show. Whether they want to establish any direct parallel to Jacob and Esau remains to be seen."

Nestor Carbonell is not surprisingly "thrilled" to be joining the cast as a series regular. "My family and I are moving to Hawaii next week," he told me. "I've been flying back and forth so this is a big thrill for us. I have a 16 out of 18 episode commitment, so I'll be on the island when they need me. They've told me they'll answer the major questions about my character Richard—whether or not I'm immortal, how old I am. Because I don't seem to age." He says he believes his character is connected to the Black Rock pirate ship and perhaps, Ancient Egypt. "I'm most anxious to find out who's pulling the strings on this island."

So are we!!

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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