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Here is another report from my good and "colourful" friend on the island "Le Point d'Exclamation".

Hey Andy you old dog. You wont f*%king believe this but ive managed to snag some new filming intel/reports/scoops for ya! I know, no bloody word from me for months and now 2 in a few days. It's all f*^%king confusing as it's all very disjointed as the sly ol' dogs appear to be shooting out of sequence. These are from various days/shoots that I've learned about and I've no bleedin idea what episode they are from. i could not see any of those clapperboards or whatever you call them, around to make out episodes, directors or stuff. plus my eyesight is pretty damn knackered these days and i dont want to get any binos and look like some crazy stalker dude although it will come in use for checking out the birds on the beach!

filming appears to be back on the "normal" island timeline following on from the s5 finale and I managed to see Jack, Kate, Claire, Miles, Sayid filming.

Those other set and contruction reports that you've been posting are correct and it pretty large and impressive and it is the temple which is in the jungle. here is some stuff that I managed to see and findout about. Ive no blinkn' idea wot is going on but you and the fans might

We still see that Sayid is recoving from his gunshot wound, he must have been bleedin for 4 months ha must have good blood bank!, covered in blood still. Hurley is still damn big but a top bloke! seems the nicest one on the set by a long way!

Everyone else is covered in dirt,muck and other shit and all those funky dharma jumpsuits appear to be gone. not sure what happened to them. didnt like to ask the big smelly security guard as he munched on some hugely greasy baloni roll!

The next part is pretty confusing and Ive no idea what I saw but will try to explain it as best I can. our losties appear to be attacked by what I can only describe as "other" others. These other others dont look quite like what we have become accustomed to as their clothing is pretty different.looks a lot darker and lots of red, seems almost Asian or ethnic, and in fact seems quite "piraty" as some have banadas (spelling? not bananas yu fckers!!!!) on and they are all carry guns. I could not see what the guns were like if they were new or old but they look long.

They seemed to be filming a big bloody fight sequence between our losties and these crazy pirate like others. Sawyer grabs a gun and someone gets shot and he goes into the temple.
Jack tends to sayids wound and is then being carried by 2 or more people, jack and kate appear to hug/kiss or something and hold hands but it was hard to make out all the detail.

The filming then broke went inside and I could not see what was going on but it seems that the losties have been captured and taken inside the temple. that is just my speculation but i chatted to this spotty kid with huge king lears later who said the same thing.

at this point i had to bugger off home as the strife wanted to go out to some crappy restaurant but you gotta keep the little lady happy!plus i cant stand all that romantic shipper bollocks stuff so if they were about to start shooting some romance stuff it was a good time to leave.

but i can report a bit more from later on as my friend on the set was able to give me a bit of a low down but I am not giving you his name as those crazy lost fans will get him sacked or "bumped off".

then later they filmed another scene where 2 guys who he thinks might be important come out. One is some Asian dude with longblack hair who looked like something out of the Pirates of the bleedin Carribean. the other guy looked very distinctive, white , facial hair, looked like some sort of hippie dude. He was far too far away to see who it actually was but it could have been that Horace goodspeed or whatever or maybe even that scientist bloke from those crazy scratched dharma films DeGroot or whatever his name was.

thats all i have and if i get some more I'll shoot you an alexei

Source: Le Point d'Exclamation@DarkUFO

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