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Filming Update

Update: 16:50 Thanks to The ODI for sending us some pics of the set in preparation of filming later.

As per the reports of the sub dock being prepared for filming here are a few new set pics of it looking like it is ready to go.

Nothing too revealing but still cool to see!

Thanks to Wayfinder for the pics.

Source: The ODI

Here are a couple of small snippets of filming, not really spoilery.

Thanks to Annie for finding this one.

Filming all night at Secret Island at Kualoa Ranch, next to the mac nut farm place. They were there when I drove to Crouching Lion around 6pm and still there just now when I drove back by again

Source: LikaNui@Hawaii Threads

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Dane for the following.

So unfortunately I was not able to get any pictures, but I did hear some interesting information from some of the employees at the Kualoa Ranch.

First, one of the drivers for the Hummer tours told me that the Lost crew had begun to construct up the Sub set this morning and that they would be filming tomorrow from 11am-6pm! He said that on one of the earlier morning Hummer tours he gave the dock was empty, but that by afternoon they had already finished the set. He showed me pictures that he had taken this morning showing the dock empty, and then pictures from this afternoon with the Submarine at the end of the dock.

Second, I overheard a couple of employees saying that they saw Sun this morning and got a picture of her on their cell phone. One employee then showed the other employee his cell phone and she said "Yeah, thats definitely Sun!". They didnt realize I was listening to them :)

Im not sure why Sun would have been there this morning if the crew was just "setting up", and they werent filming until tomorrow? Very strange.

Source: Dane@DarkUFO

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