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Hey All,
Here are some more tidbits and filming spoilers for Season 6 from various sources and fans sightings!

1) Today we received a tip that the cast and crew busy filming some airplane scenes at Diamond Head Studios

Thanks once again to Annie for the heads up for the following details posted in the SpoilerTV Forums:

2) More from Airport Taxi scene:
Posted By: Bonky
- It was at "the LA airport circa 2004 Oceanic terminal".
- Edward Mars was around (with a bruise on his head), but not in this scene.
- The scene involved the extra getting in Kate's way as she ran from the airport to get a taxi. As she pushed in, some guy yelled "Hey, lady, there's a line!" That guy was none other than Neil Frogurt.

3) Fan Sighting:
Posted By: Katieb
- Dominic Monaghan was spotted with Matthew Fox and Daniel Dae Kim at a Modest Mouse concert in a club in Oahu on Wednesday night. Hail, hail the gang's all here.

Source: The ODI

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