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Set Construction Report

Update: 19:40 Our good friend The ODI has managed to snag a few photos from this set.

In the photos, you will see:

- A weird staircase that they were still building
- An archway that I have never seen before on the show
- Some old pilars with symbols on it.
- Some new pillars which i have never seen on the show before, I am assuming these new things including the staircase and the archway, have something to do with the Temple that we haven't seen yet, or maybe the 4 toed statue.
- The pillar that Locke's dad was tied to when Ben wanted Locke to kill him in season 3, i believe the episode was called The Brig.
- The well that Locke went down during the episode This Place is Death (season 5), which lead him to the frozen donkey wheel.
- The Hatch Door.
- The Submarine.
- Plane windows for either 815 or Ajira 316.

You can see more on his site here.

Thanks to one of my contacts, "The Man in Black Buttons", on the island who ran into a friend of his who works on local set productions. I've since confirmed this report with other contacts on the island that this was indeed for Lost.

"Hey, recently had to work a gig at [removed]. Nearby, they were constructing sets for local productions. They were working on what looked like a giant Egyptian temple with a big staircase. Looked very cool. Talked to some of the guys and they said they couldn't tell me what it was for, but when I asked about Lost, they glanced around and smiled. Awesome guys, very cool, so don't want to say too much more, but this set looks like it's going to be a big piece in the new season."

Source: The Man in Black Buttons@DarkUFO

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