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Thanks to one of our guys in the know, "Chinese Chicken" who has provided this brief but spoilery set report. This pretty much confirms a lot of what we've been hearing up to now.

Hey mate, got a friend who was lucky enough to play an extra for some recent Lost filming. My friend for obvious reasons couldn't say anything direct, but I can pass some onto you and your site. My mate was on an inflight airplane set!. Buddy has never seen the show before, so tried to get as much as I could based on descriptions (and my guesses).

The plane resembles flight 815 and get this mate, on it were Jack, Kate (in cuffs) and with some guy (the marshall? unconfirmed), Sayid, flight attendant lady (Cindy? I think he means), and CHARLIE!!!! Could have been more but that's all my friend could describe. Everyone was in precrash clothing!. Can't say what happened except it looks like Charlie has accident (overdoses?) in the loo. Reset? Alt-Timeline who knows LOL!

Source: Chinese Chicken@DarkUFO

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