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Hey All,
LOST Fan Carmel who is visiting the island decided to see what she could see of the temple set and headed to Diamond Head studios. She was able to get a glimpse of the exterior walls but it is now looking like it is ready for filming any day so we should expect to see the temple early in the season!

Also, spotted out on the studio lot were part of the Sub again and the Santa Rosa sign missing some letters. Of course these props could just be sitting there for storage and not being used yet.

Thanks to Carmel for sending over the pics!

Also, our good friend Ryan in Hawaii scored a couple of more set pics from the airport filming scenes, as it seems like a fan (named Geronimo) was able to get pics of Matthew Fox (Jack) and Evangeline Lilly (Kate) chatting between takes and a pregnant Emilie De Ravin (Claire).

Here are some pics and head over to Hawaii Blog to find some more!

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