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Thanks to Luthien for collecting all these filming reports from Twitter users around the island.

Here are the messages with links...

@sluky Blue blazer and maybe khaki slacks — hard to see from our position. He was drinking bottled water and talking to the crew.[/quote]
@lylyford It was cool! Central Middle was supposed to be some kind of concert hall. Matthew Fox was shooting with a dark-haired teen.

Source: Strobie

.........It turns out that this hyperkid is one of the actors, and he had jammed the deadbolt with cameras rolling, a hundred people watching......

......While they were inside, they filmed a scene with a haole guy in a suit pounding on the door and trying to get "David" to let him in the house.......
Source: TheKeyGuy

LOST actor Doug Hutchison (Horace Goodspeed, 70's Dharma Initiative) spotted in Kailua. Yes, I'm that nerdy about the show.
Source: VickiYu

Just saw Evangeline Lilly from Lost on the street in Kailua. Yup, they're definitely filming again.
Source: joshwisch

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