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Filming Changes due to Spoilers?

Hi All,

I've been chatting to a number of my contacts on the set and they have sent me this interesting little bit of news regarding filming this season and about spoilers. I'll try to sum up their info.

- Some of the early spoilers that have leaked out have caused a few scenes to be changed/re-shot to change a few details.
- No major changes have occurred but a few minor details have been changed.
- With so much time between filming and airing they have a certain window to make changes.

I'll try to find out what these little changes are over the course of the next few weeks.

It's a bit similar to a situation I remember for 24. In reply to a large spoiler leaking about them faking a characters death, the writers actually went ahead and killed him. The actor went on record as saying "spoilers killed me."

Which spoilers do you think they might have changed? Which ones would you like to have seen changed.

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