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I was walking around Diamond Head Studio's today and I noticed a new "ship" type set being built outside the stadge, in plain view! It appears to be an under deck section, I saw before they covered it up that there was a stairways that leads to the top section.

It seems to be a "rocker" type set that wil be able to be rocked with that crane and probably water will be shot on to it to give the"at sea feel". If you look close at the picture of it you can see it already has set dressings, a lantern and some boxes.
I did see some extras dresses in baggy, brown prisoner clothes. Didn't have time to photograph them but they were scruffy looking, mostly likely this is all for the Blackrock scenes.

I also took some shots of some iconic props just sitting around the lot, including the donky wheel, Hot air ballon carrage, Lockes dads pillar, few views of the Bomb and the tip of it, the sub and the set they use for inside the well shaft.Also the backside of the outdoor temple set.

Source: PF108 @ DarkUFO

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