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Update: 18:30 As most of the regular spoiler viewers have worked out, this is no.1 but as we know Sayid gets "healed".

Thanks to NoOne for the heads up.

Oh, Sayid Jarrah, your hotness knows no bounds. Not to mention, you are a fan favorite. So they certainly can't be killing you (Naveen Andrews) off of Lost as early as the very first episode of the final season, right?

Maybe...maybe not.

Our 12 Days of Lost-mas continues with the latest gift: some brow-raising scoop on what's ahead for Sayid when the new season of Lost begins Feb. 2. It is a matter of life or death, so read at your own risk!

One of the following is true:

1) Sayid dies.
2) Sayid kills Jack.

Remember, when we last saw these Losties they were in 1977. Sayid had been shot and Jack (Matthew Fox) was near the site of the bomb that supposedly went kablooey and reset time.

Source: E!Online

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