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Minor Filming Updates

Thanks to Misty for the heads up these minor filming snippets from people on the Island/LA on Twitter.

Nothing much but it shows the cast and crew are still busy at work and hopefully we'll be able to provide you with some more detailed reports and photos.

Jin and Sun
Came across Lost film crew yesterday near/around Turtle Bay grounds. Looks like Sun & Jin in use of hotel room at resort.
about 12 hours ago from web

Source: http://twitter.com/mydesigntours

It looks like they were shooting in Los Angeles yesterday
apparently LOST is filming in hollywood today. tempting
@caleglendening my sources tell me somewhere off woodman off the 101.

They're shooting a scene for LOST on my street today. I wonder if Ben Linus looks as creepy in person as he does on tv. maybe i'll find out

They're shooting LOST on my street today... Crazy.
@BrandonKNorman @alexofarrell unfortunately, the notice said its "indoor dialog" that will be shot, so, can't dive in for ya

They were also filming on-island scenes yesterday
At the beach where they shoot "Lost" and just found out their shooting a night shot tonight!!!

denied! LOST set closed to lamers like me. Did see Kate and some primitive Egyptian? looking extras. Ran 7 miles on trail instead.

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