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Thanks to PF108

They have been doing a good job these days keeping tight lipped about what is going on with the filming, so I only have a tiny little bit for ya.
Yesterday and the day before(Thurs and Friday) they have been shooting a night scene up at Kawela Bay, beautiful beach, very secluded.
I know that most of the main group of the main cast was there (but cant tell you 100% except for Sayid I know was there).
Also a group known as "the Temple Others" were there including "Zoey" and probable then Cindy and Zack as well.
And here is a little bit of a strange part, theres a large group (maybe 7-10) "scientists". Not sure what the scientists are doing there on the beach at night with this group, but I guess we should use are imaginations on this one.

Source: PF108@DarkUFO

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