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Is the Triangle Finally Over?


What's that sound? The collective sigh of relief of millions of Lost Fans around the globe :)

We'll I've just been sent this that appears to put an end to one part of the triangle...and we can only hope the writers don't change their minds. Here is the excerpt that I can post from the email"

"....pretty cool huh.oh and one more thing you can post is that early in the season there is a scene with Sawyer and Kate on Island not alt. In this scene kate tries to comfort sawyer but he totally rejects her in a big way. So much so that in the script itself the writers like they do when explaining the context/desciption of the scene actually say that these two are finally done/over - no going back! if I can remove the watermark from the script I'll scan that page in and send it to you although you might get into copyright trouble with that if you decide to post it but I'll leave that up to you. more to come next week when i should get to read scripts 12 and 13...."

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