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Thanks to DarkUFO reader John for the following report and photos.

Here on Oahu eagerly awaiting the premier event on Sat. The screen and stage area are currently being assembled.

Went strolling around the island to a few of the past filming locales and came across a set to be used for filming Friday. It's labeled as "Locke's Camp", part of episode 6-10, and is set in the banyon tree area near Turtle Bay on Oahu's north coast. Looks like a primitive campsite with many different shelter-structures and campfire areas. Attached are a few pics from the site.

In addition, went by the Lost studio and saw a scene being filmed directly on the parking lot featuring Sayid. he appeared to be on top of a deep shaft looking in and possibly chatting with someone(?). he was dressed in his typical island garb and we thought we may have seen a handgun in the scene. Through-in a picture of Dharma-ville just fo fun.

Will keep you posted-

Source: DarkUFO

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