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NDSU grad mum on ‘Lost’

Thanks to Matthew for the heads up.

It must be frightening to be a part of “Lost.”
Because when you talk to anyone who’s even remotely involved with the cultish TV show, they shut down a bit and find hesitation with any topic pertaining to “Lost.”

I get the sense you’d have an easier time getting the pope to admit Jesus likes to hang out in a spaceship piloted by Lady Gaga than to convince a “Lost” associate to reveal anything about the show.

It’s as if the “Lost” creators – or should we say overlords – control more than just the convoluted storylines built around the survivors of a plane crash who are trying to leave (and eventually return to) a mysterious island.

Or, they just have some damn good lawyers (more likely).

Either way, as the show prepares for the start of its final season – this Tuesday on WDAY, Channel 6 in Fargo-Moorhead – information about “Lost” has been more scarce and cryptic than ever before. And the people working on the show seem more reluctant to talk than ever before.

Case in point, Hannah Bell.

The 2008 North Dakota State University grad who grew up in Glenfield, N.D., will have a speaking role in an episode of “Lost” this season. It will air in April. And that’s all we know for sure because, like everything surrounding “Lost,” Bell couldn’t talk about, well, anything.

She wouldn’t say what role she scored. She wouldn’t say anything about the plotlines. And, for a bit, she wasn’t even sure she’d be allowed to do an interview with us.

Eventually Bell, who is 24, agreed, but made it clear she would not discuss any details about a show that compels its followers to analyze every bit of “Lost” minutia as a potential key to secret data.

So, we talked about Bell; about how she moved to Hawaii after graduating from NDSU to be closer to family, about how a year ago she was watching “Lost” with her friends and about how she plans to move to New York to pursue a Broadway career after completing her basic training in Hawaii’s Air National Guard.

And, how she got her role on “Lost” after trying out to be an extra.

“When I got cast I was like, ‘get out of here,’ ” Bell says from Hawaii, where much of “Lost” is filmed.

But, sorry “Lost” fanatics, Bell didn’t slip out any secret info. She’s a rock; which might explain why the people of “Lost” picked her for a role (I have to assume the “Lost” creators are clairvoyant).

All Bell would say is, “I’ve worked with some pretty cool people.”

Like who? The maybe dead John Locke? A shirtless Sawyer? The ghost of Claire?

No word other than, “Talk to me in April.”


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