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Our good friend Rob from LotsofInterviews recently did an interview with LOST actor Alan dale aka Charles Widmore.

He was able to ask him a couple of LOST related questions. Nothing too revealing since we have seen Widmore in several set photos.

Here is the LOST info:

You have had had guest roles on Lost over the last few years, do you keep up with the show? Where you a fan before you were cast?

I am still working on "Lost" and just arrived back from Hawaii, where it is shot, two days ago. I leave again on FridayTracey and one of my older sons, Simon, are huge fans and have always encouraged me to be part of it.

Lost is going into its final season this year, is your character going to be featuring more prominently in this season?

My character "Charles Widmore" is still heavily involved in the story lines of "Lost", but more than that I cannot tell you.

Full Interview Here: LotsofInterviews
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