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Update: 13:00 It looks like ABC have now removed the image of Claire from this promo (which you can still see further down). Also thanks to Benjamin for the following.

I noticed watching the HQ version of the promo that the Claire's image unpublished was missing. Instead there was another image of claire but not unpublished. There were also pictures which looked like flashes.


Update: 26th Jan Here is the HQ version of the Promo

Screenshots etc below.

Update: 16:55 Here are some screencaps from the Promo.

Update: 16:45 Thanks to Heather for this better quality version.

Update: 16:00 Big Thanks to DarkUFO reader Jo for sending the video over. It's very low quality for now but we hope to have a better one later.

Is this our first look at new footage from Season 6?

Apparently a new promo with quick flashes aired during Private Practice and a fan in the SpoilerTV Forums posted the following screencap of Claire with a gun.

I can't remember off the top of my head if we have seen this moment before, but here it is and if anyone has the promo feel free to submit it and we will get it posted.

Thanks to Iceman for the heads up and VirginiaCreeper

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