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Update: 12:00 Thanks to Chris for emailing me this extra info.

in the day we saw them filming at the ajira plane set, it was locke coming out of the planes front door. down what appeared to be a bamboo built stair way....he would come out, and was having some sort of dialogue withs ome other characters.

later as they started filming down by the wing more and what not, we could FINALLY see, and it would appear that he was talking to some of the losties. including Sawyer, Sayid, Claire, & Jack. It's possible that kate and or hurley was there, but we couldn't see them at all....

but that was basically the day shoot.

then in the night they started shooting some beach scenes. NOT at the survivor camp, but they were at police beach, a little ways down between the ajira plane and the survivor camp, it was just some basic beach scenes.

we watched the stunt doubles for jack and sawyer go in the water, and essentially from what i saw, jack was pulling a very wet and passed out sawyer, and was trying to wake him up or w/e. and it hurley was coming over with kate, and she seemed to have maybe been injured, since hurley was helping her over with her arm on his shoulder.

this scene included jack kate sawyer and hurley.

BTW, this IS episode 14. i CAN confirm that.
and for the record, not all of the filming is ALWAYS for that certain episode.
my g/f and i were at the temple set recently and found a shot list for episode 6. and it appeared to be alot of pick ups. and was dated for feb 01. so they have apparently been shooting a number of pick ups as well...also one of the crew said its likel they ll be extending their shooting time, because they will need the time...

we've been checkin em out all week, and seen them almost everyday this week.
and will probably keep hunting next week.

Source: Chris via DarkUFO

Thanks to Judy for the following little snippets.

Me and steph are standin on the beach, watching all the all star #LOST actors: Jack, Kate, hurley, Sawyer. Excellent! about 5 hours ago from Tweetie

@TiffBenedict they're AT police beach, not quite at the camp. Just on the beach a ways down.

@TiffBenedict earlier today they were shooting at the Ajira plane, then at night it was slightly past the the camp.

Source: xDR_JON3Sx@Twitter

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