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Thanks to Judy for collating all this for us.

#Lost filming happening right now at Rehab! Lady in blue sweater standing in front of information desk; not sure if she's part of a scene.

For the #Lost scene, 1st floor of Rehab has been turned into "Sun Palms Nursing Home".

Jack's in this #Lost scene!

One of the #Lost extras is named Alex; he's wearing a plaid shirt. 'Cause you know... that's important stuff...

After filming, I asked the "receptionist" what the scene's about. "Jack's visiting someone at the hospital". I love detailed descriptions...

For 5 years, I had to listen to people talk about their #Lost actor sightings. Today, I got to sit in on a filming. I can now die happy. =)

http://twitpic.com/13pefr - Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific transformed into "Sun Palms Nursing Home" today for a #Lost scene.

http://twitpic.com/13peuh - JACK: (Crap, Chris is here. I can't let him see me.) I'm not here! ME: Cool story, bro... #Lost

http://twitpic.com/13pftn - Wasn't sure if they were gonna tell me to put my phone away, so I had to snap "ninja" pics at #Lost filming.

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