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Update: 28th Feb Thanks to DarkUFO reader kyraou for sending us some more info on the filming report.

Anyway, I went out on Thursday morning around 10am to Police Beach on a referral from Ryan. When I arrived there, they had a yellow caution tape put up about 100 yards from the survivors camp, but since there wasn't anyone around, I went ahead and walked over to the survivor camp anyway. A security guard came down and met me and I told him I was just a LOST fan and wanted to see the camp if that was ok, he said that was fine for a few minutes because they hadn't started filming yet. He told me it was top secret, but that the reason why they had the tape so far back was because they wanted the beach clear of all footprints because they were filming a scene from 23 AD (his exact words, so I know it was a year). I asked if there were any major characters up there and he said no, they were all child actors that were playing some of the characters we know today. So, he pointed out the characters tents to me there at the camp (Jack's was mysteriously broken down like someone had purposely demolished it) and I went back behind the first line of tape and set up my own camp. :) -- I have a canon camera with a 40x zoom so I was able to get some good pics of what was going on. It wasn't so close that I could tell who the folks were, but, it was clearly a person all in white and another person wearing black pants, white shirt and a black vest (from the back he looked like he was all in black). It appeared they were shooting a scene looking at the back of these characters sitting on a log looking out into the ocean possibly talking (although I never saw a boom mic over near them). After an hour or so, they moved the log up off the shore some and repositioned the cameras and track. They then had the person in black (I dont' know if the person in white left or if I just couldn't see them around all the crew folks) sitting on the log, and another person wearing a long yellow tunic over red pants/shirt came walking down from the jungle to the log and sitting next to the person in black. To me, it looked like the person in yellow was an adult whereas the person in black was most definitely a kid. I sat and watched them for nearly 3 hours total and they were setting up another scene when my camera batteries went dead, so I left. :( --

Hey All,
A very reliable source has just sent over the following tidbits for scheduled filming?

Beach camp. Children. 23AD.

I asked them if "23AD" meant a year and they confirmed that scheduled to be filmed was a scene for Year 23 with kids portraying younger versions of characters.

The speculation is MiB and Jacob Flashback

Source: The ODI

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