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Thanks to Ryan for his weekly Podcast for What Kate Does. The Spoiler section starts at 1hr 6 Minutes.

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Thanks to Found for this summary.

Locke in a scene with two women, office building

Confirmation of Jin/Sun Reunion for ep 13/14 (Sawyer, Kate Hurley and probably Claire and frank also present, wading in and out of the surf) . Jin/Sun hug, then the other's hold them at gunpoint.

Desmond and Faraday at Submarine museum, not a lot to see. Sawyer also there, with the submarine.

Jack Hurley Sun and Claire filming scenes runing through the jungle. Sawyer and Kate there later, filming nearby and on the Elizabeth, which comes to shore.

Filming at Dentist's office with Jack and Bernard. Bernard is working when Jack walks in. They have a conversation with Jack talking, while Bernard listens, intently.

Most of the main cast and Widmore shooting scenes at the temple.

Page of script found. Sawyer is watching TV and sees the Ajira Plane. Also on call sheet, Sayid goes to see Nadia, tells her it will be the last time they see eachother. Miles arrives, Sayid tries to slip out a window, but is caught and arrested by Sawyer... For killing Keamy. Also a scene with Sawyer and Kate watching video footage of Keamy's death. Miles and Sawyer appear to be partners.

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