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Latest Spoilers from E! Online About Hurley and the Island


Who's Good and Who's Evil? Jorge Garcia tells me this: "I don't think Hurley is going to be turn-able. Like I don't think he can…turn dark. I mean, it'd be interesting if there was a flash of that." So perhaps some of the candidates cannot be touched/claimed by MIB? Clearly Hurley has to wind up a good guy.

What Is the Island? That very huge question will be answered in less time than you think--somewhere around halfway through the season, according to sources. Awesome, right? And you know who's going to help deliver the message? The fantastic, ever-youthful guyliner model Mr. Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) and his longtime friend Jacob (Mark Pellegrino). It's gonna be good.

So…What Is the Island? It's described as a four-letter word. There's your first clue! Shall we play Hangman? There are no A's or E's in the word…Wanna buy another vowel? Okay, but you only get one.

Another thing I can tell you: The island has to exist, according to my sources, and more importantly, someone has to protect it. It's important to the world outside.

Source: E! Online
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