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Lost Filming Report - Libby


Thanks to Malle for the heads up on this filming report from one of the Admins over at Lostpedia Forums

When I saw filming being done, I saw it first hand. We could see what was going on, but couldn't see it THAT well...until one of the crew let us stand behind the monitors to watch that is. Afterwards, when we were standing with some other fans that were there too, one of the girls was like "was that a knife he put to her throat?"

It was a scene with Hurley and Libby, she was the crazy one and crashing a blind date Hurley's mom set him up on. The doctor from the mental institution came to pull her away...not pull a knife on her. lol I could see how it would look like that from afar, trying to squint your eyes to see a tiny monitor from twenty feet away though.

Source: steph4136@Lostpedia

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