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Thanks to VerucaBoy and Rosalind. Here are some spoilery tidbits.

So how much filming do you have left?
Four episodes; a little less than two months. I came to Hawaii this weekend for a Vanity Fair photo shoot but I'm going back to L.A. tomorrow—they don't need me for another ten days. I've had three episodes off, which is really unusual...

He said with a Ben Linus-ian sense of foreboding?
No, no, I'm not done or anything like that; it's just that my storyline...they have other fish to fry for a while.

And I'm sure there are some classic Benjamin moments left for us.
The eulogy was one, but there's some priceless stuff coming up. In three or four weeks, people will think differently about Ben.

Are we going to learn any more about these rules Ben and Charles Widmore talked about?
I haven't seen anything, and that's always been a big question in my mind. What the heck was the contest? What were the rules? I think the rules are among the big, final reveal. If we see that answered, that's a finale answer, I think.

Have you filmed another Ben/Widmore faceoff?
No, I haven't, but I expect it imminently. That battle is unfinished. The first scene with those two, that's definitely in my top five.

Read the full interview at GQ

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