LOST Spoilers - DarkUFO

Thanks very much to Peewee for the summary from the EW Podcast with Damon.

- Possibility of more "storms" will be happening. Storm is a metaphor
- 'The Package' is related to Sun/Jin sideways
- Carlton said Kate's horse wasn't MIB after Damon joked about it.
- They confirmed there were other people before Richard, hence the Statue
- Confirmed Libby will be back and questions will be answered about her
- Highly likely that Desmond will pop up in the current timeline or the sideways in the next few episodes
- There will be more cop Sawyer/Miles scenes
- Near future, one of the characters will be asking someone whether the MIB can only take the form of dead people, and whether Dave was really or not.. an answer will be provided.
- Possible that MIB is telling the truth, and Jacob is lying..


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