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We know tonight's episode, "Sundown," is a Sayid-focused episode. We're assuming Dogen plays a role?
Yeah, I think it's a big moment for Dogen, too. Little by little, I think my past will reveal everything. It does focus on Sayid; his present and his sideways. And, also, we have a big scene together.

Lost's producers keep teasing fans by mentioning that Dogen holds a huge secret to the show. Any hints?
I don't know about the top secret, yet. But he has a key.

How would you describe Dogen?
He's the leader of the temple Others. He grew up in Japan and, somehow, he came to the island a long time ago. He's not a Buddhist — he's kind of a medical doctor and also he has a mission on the island. He has a lot of layers in his mind and in his past. He has dignity, but also some different faces because of the past. It will be revealed quite soon.

How long has he been on the island?
Just over fifteen years.

What's the chain of command? Did Dogen only report to Jacob? Maybe Ben?
I can't tell you, exactly. He has a mission he was sent by another person.

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