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Wendell in Tallahassee, Fla.: Lost scoop, please! Jorge Garcia told you a while ago that people will start "dropping like flies." Are there really going to be deaths? Who?
Yes, there will be. And no, you aren't gonna like it. I'm sniffling just thinking about what's to come as I write this! The deaths don't happen till closer to the very end, but there is a big shocker this week that is also very disturbing, involving a main Lostie's (a candidate's?) well-being. All that said, there's lots of awesome romantic stuff up ahead that will make your heart sing (honest! and it rocks), so fear not: They are candy-coating the pain with much more sugar than Mary Poppins' lame old spoonful.

Randy118: Kristin, are we to assume that Richard Alpert is not a candidate to replace Jacob? Why would Jacob entrust him to be his greatest ally/messenger but not make him a candidate?

According to Nestor Carbonell (Richard), we'll get those answers. "I can't say much," he tells me, "but clearly they're going to go into depth with that."

Marco in St. George, Utah: Sayid was always my favorite character on Lost. Is it possible we'll get some sort of a happy ending for him?
Not on the island. Sayid is officially soulless—and Lost fans around the world let out a collective cry. Ever since his centric episode, it's clear nothing good will come of Sayid's future, but he soon makes a declaration that seals the deal. Fortunately, evil Un-Locke considers Sayid's inability to feel anything a good thing, saying, "It'll help you get through what's coming." Dun-dun-dun.

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