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Update: Thanks to John for the heads up on this new Sheila Kelley interview which recants some of the info from previous interviews.

Interview with Movieline

Update: Here's another interview via TV Guide

It's very...impending. Everybody feels like there is something coming. Like, this will lead to better things. There's a little sadness as well. I was on L.A. Law for five years, and my husband was on The West Wing for seven years. I know this is a huge transition for everybody. So you can feel that uncertainty. Like the last week of high school!

Us: So who's the homecoming king of the cast?

That's got to be Matthew Fox. And Josh Holloway is the bad boy. I have crushes on all them. I have never been around more attractive men in my life.

Us: Was it weird being the new girl?

It feels like Sandy in Grease. I came to a very well-established set. It was a little nerve-racking, but the character that was written was so intriguing and multi-faceted and a little bad ass. That made things easier. I've had an amazing time. These are such open-hearted people.

Us: What else can you tell Us about your character, Zoe? Other than the fact that she wears glasses.

She is Charles Widmore's right hand. She does all his dirty work. But she has her own strategy and agenda as well. In one script, I'm going in one direction. In another script, I'm going 180 degrees the other way.

Us: That's not enough information. What else you got?

She is looking for someone on the island.

Us: Anything else?

Maybe this will make sense to you: This beautiful journey of this entire show, between good and evil, between science and faith, lies within Zoe. After I got the role, one of the first things I did was look look up what the name meant because there is so much mythology to everything. And I learned that "Zoe" is Greek and it means life.

Us: Give a cryptic clue that means nothing right now yet means everything in the long run.

Ok. Here is Zoe's clue: Zoe has the answer. Zoe knows. That's as good as it's going to get.

Us: Have you seen the final script yet?

I've seen it, but I haven't read it. I'd held the pages. It's red. My name is on every single page of it. I feel like I won the lottery! But the producers are very protective. And I totally respect that. After all, what is left in the world that is new and that exciting for people?

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