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Update: 25th April. A few more of my sources have now read the bulk of the finale script (minus the secret scenes) and have sent their scores in. These have been updated below.

NOTE: Some sources sent in separate scores for each part and some just 1 overall score. For the sources that sent in 1 score these have been split over the 2 parts equally.

Update: 15th April We'll I've received some scores from our sources who have read parts of the Series Finale Scripts. Now it must be noted that they have NOT read the whole script (very very few people have access to this) and it's based on what they have read/have access to. I've updated all the tables below to reflect the recent episode scores etc.

None of them have read the script for the final scenes.

Update: 31st March Source number 8 has just sent me their scores, so I've updated the table below with the extra scores as well as adding in the reader scores for 6.09 and 6.10

Update: 14:15 2 More sources have just sent me their scores which I've updated below.
Update: 13:30 Source 5 has just emailed me and asked to change her scores. For some reason she was marking them out of 9 lol. I've updated the table below with the new out of 10 scores.

A while ago we posted an Episode Scorecard from a number of our sources to give you a rough idea of which episode they liked the most by rating them out of 10.

This proved to be a very popular item as well as uncannily accurate in terms of the Weekly Episode Polls that we run here for Lost fans after each episode.

Here are their Scorecards for the first 9 Episodes along with the DarkUFO Reader Poll scores for the aired episodes. As you can see they pretty much matched what Lost fans voted for here.

I was not going to do this again but so many people have left comments and emailed me I thought we'd try it.

Big thanks to all my sources who have taken the time to send their responses.

So here are the results for Episodes 6.10 through to 6.16 for our sources who have either read the full scripts, seen the video dailies and/or final post productions of some of the episodes. And don't bother asking me which sources are which, I don't know.

It will be interesting to see if these scores are as accurate as the first set were.

Source: DarkUFO

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