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Thanks to Goodspeed7c from the Forums for the following.

I was just browsing http://www.abc.com and came across something interesting. On the character pages, there is a 'character quote' section that allows you to scan 10-15 recent quotes from Season 6 Dialogue for each character.

I found this quote on the Locke page:

"Your friends are desperate to go home, Jack. And that can't happen if you don't go with them. It's all or nothing. Simple as that. I believe you said it best yourself -- Live together, die alone."

Now, unless I've gone completely mad, I think this is a quote from an upcoming episode. I have no recollection of this being said. In light of the first sneak peek for 6.14, I would have to guess this is a line from 'The Candidate.' Either way, it's very interesting. Can you guys confirm this is new dialogue? Personally, I was hoping LTDA was done after Juliet uttered the words in 'The Incident'. What do you all think?

Source: Goodspeed7c@SpoilerTV Forums

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