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Talk about a split personality complex. For the past year, Mark Pellegrino has been dividing time between Vancouver and Hawaii playing polar-opposite characters—Lucifer on the CW’s Supernatural and the God-like Jacob on ABC’s Lost. With Lost concluding May 23, and Lucifer’s season-long scheme of unleashing the Apocalypse finally set to explode on Supernatural’s May 13 finale, expect cataclysmic shockers for both shows.

First, on Lost, we’ll learn that Jacob—soon to have a confrontation with Jack—may not be so godly after all when his character takes center stage in “Across the Sea” on May 11 (followed a week later by the penultimate “XXX”). “Jacob has a lot of darkness and corners we haven’t explored yet, so the differences between him and Lucifer are not as much as you would think,” says Mark, an L.A. native who shares a passion for martial arts with Lost rival/real-life chum Titus Welliver (Man in Black). “With these archetypal characters, the boundary between good and evil becomes blurry. Jacob’s on a mission. It’s your judgment as to whether he’s good or bad.”

As for his own beliefs, back in his mid-20s, Mark, now 45, was baptized in an L.A. pool as a born-again Christian, but now has a more “spiritual/philosophical” point of view. Claiming to be a “pretty angelic” husband and father, he surely must possess at least one devilish habit? “Sometimes I pilfer socks and underwear from sets,” he says, quickly clarifying, “They’re the clean, fresh ones. It’s not like I go into somebody’s trailer and pick out their underwear.” Evangeline Lilly and Jared Padalecki just breathed sighs of relief.

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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