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Thanks to Annie for the heads up. Here is an exert of the interview.

Zoe doesn’t seem to be intimidated by Widmore — is there a reason for that?
I think she’s a different breed than what he’s used to, and I think that’s why she’s so interesting to him. She doesn’t cow to anybody. She’s pretty driven, and she’s driven toward a goal, and she believes that she’ll find what she’s looking for. Come hell or high water, the island be damned, she’ll find what she’s looking for. I don’t think that anyone’s gonna scare her.

How long has she been working for him?
I think she’s been working for him a couple of years, and she’s been preparing [for the island] for a couple of months. She’s gone over the geography of the island, the info from the Dharma Initiative, and the dossiers of all the people involved. She’s like a little machine; she’s got it. And I think she knows, and believes, that Charles is a good guy.

How important will Zoe’s map be?
I can’t tell you! But did it surprise you last week that the package was Desmond? And did you at all last week say maybe Widmore is not that bad of a guy? Things are never as they seem.

Source: Full Article @ NY Mag

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