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A few days ago we reported that our favourite submarine door repelling favourite was alive and well...Thanks to Michael for finding this interview with Jeff Fahey. In it he says he's definitely dead!

My gut feel is that my source is correct and that Jeff is having some fun with the interview... I guess we'll have to wait another week to find out for sure.

If it turns out my source was wrong, then this puts into question the scripts that have been read by my sources .......

So, the question everyone wants to know, because the answer isn’t completely clear: Did Lapidus actually die in the last episode of Lost? I mean, we didn’t actually see him die…
[Laughs] Well, he went down with the submarine. Yeah, he’s dead.

We haven’t seen a sideways universe version of Lapidus. Will we?
No, it’s over.

There’s no more Lapidus at all?
Sorry, Kyle. He’s done.

I need to take a moment, Jeff.
I know. His ride is over. The dream is over for Frank Lapidus.

Source: Full Interview @ Movieline

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