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I'm not sure if this is a spoiler or not as it's from an episode that has aired, but as they didn't reveal it in the show itself it still may be a plot point coming up.

Thanks to Ryan for the heads up on this article from People.com in which Mark Pellagrino mentions 43 AD. We had revealed that the episode starts in 23AD from the scripts that our sources had access to.

“There are no archetypes here. Even though we’re roughly configured into these black and white characters, the line between good and evil is blurred and we both cross over sometimes. If you think Jacob is a heroic character…it’s his temper, his need for revenge that creates the Smoke Monster. Jacob has a long way to go from that episode in 43 AD to the present. He travels a long distance, and he does it alone because he lost his family in one fell swoop. How terribly lonely.”

Source: Full Interview @ People

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