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It's all about the Island

Interesting little bit of info from The Tailsection.Several hundred people showed up at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival for a "Lost" seminar in the Regal Dole Cannery Theaters. Amongst the guests were Jorge Garcia, Henry Ian Cusick, and Michael Emerson. Michael Emerson made some statements about the island that may indicate what is to come in the "Jump the Shark" moment.

A key element that triggered much analysis was the island, which "looms large as a character on the show," said Emerson, who hinted at a metaphysical quality, and the possibility that the entire location is fabricated

So is Emerson theorizing out loud or is he speaking from the experience of having already filmed the episode which is to totally twist our perception of what is going on? Maybe the message that Locke finds in "I Do" is the words "Made in Tawain" inscribed on a cliff face.
Source: The Tailsection

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