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Though I spent this past Monday twitching from chat withdrawals, I really do love the new site! My Q: On Lost , is Kate's "love confession" distinct from her notorious "choice?" Or are the two things one and the same?
—Leah Kate

From what I’ve heard, it is one and the same. Though I’m only 99 percent sure on that, given how things have been changing from the script! Don’t forget that I’ll be watching this Wednesday’s Lost with you (at 9 p.m. Pacific Time) on the message boards. And ooh, mama, it’s a crazy episode! Not only do you see the most dramatic exchange between Kate and any man ever on this show (hint: It is a life-or-death love confession), but you can expect the following happenings:

* An animal “dies”
* An Other dies
* Sawyer has a heart-wrenching storyline
* Sawyer finds his Westmoreland and someone else very close to him
* We find out Juliet and Jack have one very big thing in common
Source: Kristin

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